Hi guys, see the sun this morning? You should thanks to God because you still have a nice day today. Am not too happy this week, so many thing makes me dump and upset. But, do you know the best part of heart breaking? You can tell your friend about it and you get their concern.

Best friend never leave us when we are on the deepest condition in our live. Yeah, sometimes we get a problem, too big until we can’t accept it and blame everything. But, remember that God always have a good measure to make sure that you have a good faith on Him.

For sure, I love my family so much. They always support me when am down, no matter how bad situation I face, they always cheers me up. Friends, people who are not related anything with us, but choose to be something in our live. Thanks Friends, I love you guys!

When I have a problem and I can’t talk it with my family, I search my friend, not social media *ups.  Yeah, people being extremely show off today. I need to know how they can fix the problem by social media help. I prefer to share my happiness unless my problem, for sure.  But, yes it’s an option. I can’t complaint.

Anyway let’s move to other topic. I heard about terrorist attack on Pakistan, maybe 2-3 days ago. I feel bad about it, because it’s my friend country. I texted him, asked how the condition, about his family and friend. And everything is OK. Everyone is safe. World being so fuck up today, I hope it’s never happened again in everywhere. Can we just live together without war, racist, discrimination and other bad thing? It will be nice if we know that “good people” is never do bad things to others.

In fact, terrorism is about a fear. People who do that thing is being afraid of their consistence. We are not afraid, you are! For my friend, good people in the entire World don’t be afraid of them. We are with you for sure. #PrayforPakistan #PrayforTurkey #Prayfortheworld

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