Today : cloudly

Hi people ! Today is a nice day isn’t ? Yeah I feel better right now. I see the life brighter, walk quicker and talk louder. Yeah full spirit altough the weather is still cloudly. I texted my besties tonight. She got a new job, her first job. Congrats ! Me ? Will be soon ! Aamiin. We talked about everything tonight. About life, future, cinema planning, lots of problem and the most awesome and credible topic, self acceptance. Yeah I surely agree about her advice now, “rejeki udah ada yang atur”. I heard million times about it and its hard to accept. But when she said that, I agree. Self acceptance. We finished the conversation with giving spirit to each other and making plan to watch batman v superman together. See you in Semarang Utinus !

I woke up at 5.30 am. Too late to run this morning. But a short workout is enough for my skiny body :p  Still the same, I go with my phone, scrolling down down down. Not facebook, twitter or path. But job vacancy portal. LOL ! Am trying ! Am not give up. Let see what will God do to me. Am sure, it will be the best for me.

Mmm. I search for netacad information all day. I wanna follow the training and certification. Its not too easy to get the class I think. Because full course is on 4 semester. Its too long time. Should I take the Fastrack program? Mmm. Let see later.

Its rain now. I feel sleepy, i need take a rest. So see yaa !

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