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Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are healthy and happy as always. I didn’t feel well for these 3 weeks because maybe I’m tired or I missed my mom hahaha. But I think it began since 3rd October, when I drank my husband’s coke … and BAAM!!! I got sick. At the first time I just have ‘sariawan’ in my tongue, then I got inflammation on my throat, then I feel so dizzy and cough. Already visited 2 doctors, still not full recovery, but now I’m on normal activity. So, wish me get well soon yaa :)

Okay, I will not tell you about sickness because I have more interesting story on Ruby Conference 2017 Jakarta. This was my second time I attended a conference, before that in July I also came for Geekcamp Conference in Jakarta too. Ruby Conference is 2 day event, 6th-7th October 2017 in Gojek Headquarter, Pasaraya Blok M, South Jakarta. This event was held by id_ruby community Jakarta and supported by some companies who use Ruby as well, like Gojek, Bukalapak, Midtrans, Cookpad etc. I don’t know how to get the ticket, my husband prepare all for me, so I just came and enjoy. My husband also one of committee on this event btw, but it’s not important hahaa.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-19 at 21.08.32
*[TRAILER] speakers and participants of Ruby Conference 2017 Jakarta, spot me where I am ? :p

My husband and I went early morning on Friday 6th October to Pasaraya Blok M from our boarding house by motorcycle. We arrived at registration venue around 8.30 am, but the registration still closed. So, I took a few walk around while waiting for registration to be opened, since my husband perform his duties to prepare registration of participants.

After I found my breakfast on mini market near Pasaraya, I came back and registration already open. I did the registration and got a lot of merchandise. I was so happy! And then Me and other participants, went to 7th floor B Building Pasaraya which is Gojek Headquarter Office. A committee guided us to the main hall of Gojek Office, where Ruby Conference was held. Gojek office is awesome, it’s not too different with Bukalapak Office, so much fun and perfect for young people. I wish someday I will have Office like that 😀

I choose chair on the middle part, so I can see the speakers clearly. At 10 am, Ruby Conference officially opened by Mr. Didik as head of committee. All participant was really enthusiast welcomed the fist ever Ruby Conference in Indonesia. After that, the conference was begin with Yukihiro Matsumoto as First Keynote Speakers on Day-1. Yukihiro Matsumoto or they often call him by ‘Matz’ is the creator of Ruby. At the time Matz couldn’t come to Jakarta, but he joined us with Video Conference. I think Matz is very genius and humble. Until now, I didn’t know how the code work actually. But he and the people like him work to design it, and Ruby as I know is the most beautiful programming language I ever met. Imagine, you can read the code like you read a novel. How awesome he is! On the conference Matz present about the future of Ruby, but swear I don’t know anything about it. It’s like only master that will understand.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-19 at 13.41.38
*Mr. Didik officially opened Ruby Conference Jakarta 2017

The second speaker is Evan Purnama, CTO of Qiscuss, he shared about Lessons Learned on 3 years use Ruby on Rails, the interesting part was when he shared about code review. And the third speaker is Baskara Patria from Gojek, I though he was grown up in India, because his accent is very similar with Indian. He was talk about Scaling Go Food, Dealing with Increasing Records in Ruby on Rails and PSQL. Its very technical explanation, and again I’m not really understand about it. hahaha

DLbTjnRU8AEirZD (1).jpg-large
*Baskara Patria talk about Scaling Go-Food

Then we have a break time for Friday prayer and lunch. After break, there were some speakers presenting their topics, and I really interesting with Rishi Jain from India who talked about Game Development in Ruby. As we know Ruby wasn’t design for speed, it’s not the goal, and for game development, speed of programming language is one of important factor to make an enjoyable game, but Rishi Jain proved us that Ruby can be used to develop computer game. He shown his game application that use Ruby, Gosu as the framework and a lot of mathematic, matrix and all that stuff. Yeah it was really fun. I would like to try the game actually. The last speaker of Day-1 was Nick Sutterer, he talked about : Ruby is Dead ? Oh really? Ruby is Dead? Of course no!! He’s so fun, and I like his style, smart and enjoying live. He is the creator of trailbalzer, one of Ruby framework, you can see him HERE

*Rishi Jain talk about game development in Ruby

Day-1 is over, My Husband and I went back to our boarding house and took a rest. My Husband would talk on Day-2 !!! Wohoooo I was so nervous.

In the next day, we went again to Gojek office and directly went to the Hall. I saw more participants than yesterday, maybe because that was Saturday. First Keynote Speaker for Day-2 was Koichi Sasada, He worked at Cookpad Japan, and one of people who continuously developing Ruby. He talked about Ruby’s Concurrency Management. Such a nice talk and a lot of participant ask many questions to him. After that there were some speakers present their talk about Immutability in Ruby, GraphQL for Ruby, Blockchains on Ruby and also the introducing of Crystal, Ruby’s sibling.

My Husband also gave a talk, lightning talk actually, about Be a Ruby (and Rails) Evangelist. Not a technical talk but it was amazing when the participant really enjoy his talk and give a lots applause for him. Ahh I was so proud of him. After talk my husband met me with Mbak Rika, Software Engineer who works at Cookpad Indonesia. She was so nice and smart. She also had a lightning talk and told the story about how she meet Ruby and use it on her daily job.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-19 at 13.03.26
*My Husband gave a lightning talk about Be a Ruby (and Rails) Evangelist

Day-2 speaker was closed by Aaron Cruz, who work from home, LOL, you can see his profile on THIS

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-19 at 13.02.10
*Aaron Cruz who work from home, LOL

After that Mr. Didik closed the conference and said thank you to all committee and participants, also invited people to join committee for Ruby Conference next year. I was so happy being part of the event. I think they (most of them are man) were so excited with that event too, they were so engage to what speakers present and ask many quality questions. So, it’s better than Geekcamp before because this conference is really specific in Ruby and the people who come are the people who already interested or even an experts of Ruby itself. Not surprised during the conferences, many participants actively asked questions and make the event so much interesting.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-19 at 13.41.39 (2)
*closing Ruby Conference, see you next year :D

That’s all my experience attending Ruby Conference in Jakarta, hope you enjoy and see you next time !! Bye Bye :)

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