Alhamdulillah, it’s my first real website – which is using my real name and no need to add some word behind it. Thanks for all people who care about the development of this web (alahh). Actually this is my personal website and the content is about me, my passion and everything I love.  Hope you guys enjoy with all of me in this our fantastic, incredible, awesome, great, little cute website.

Okay, maybe you are not interesting about me a lot, but I guess sometimes you need to review my website to take some information about network engineering, telecommunication and what is the latest technology nowadays.

I am a girl (till now) and I enjoy with my live path. I was graduated from Electrical Engineering of Diponegoro University Semarang Indonesia. I am still a jobseeker and always be a God seeker. I love networking since 5th semester in the college. I had Practical Job in PT. Des Teknologi Informasi and our CTO – my senior 1999, Mr. Tunggul Arif Siswoyo, gave us a job as Junior Network Engineer. We were not maintain anything, but we had a task to find best performance of some device. We worked with router, access point, cables, some firmware etc. Since that time I have interest  to study about networking.

I like telecommunication as I like singing when I am at kindergarten. Yes, it’s my field, It’s my choice, I’m Electrical Engineer — sub majoring Telecommunication, another perfect combination to fulfill your brain with many abstract thing, you know what I mean :p Sometime we confuse where the signal is, we talk it all the time, and you will find the answer at 3rd semester on oscilloscope. LOL . hmm It’s not funny ? Okay, whatever.

So, I am try to.. maybe something like writing down my thought  about it, networking, telecommunication, technology or anything in this website, and  I am free for any comments, advices, revision and other stuff. Hope you feel helpful, joyful and addicted to visit this site.

Thanks and love you all :)