Note from Indonesia Ruby Conference 2017 Jakarta

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are healthy and happy as always. I didn’t feel well for these 3 weeks because maybe I’m tired or I missed my mom hahaha. But I think it began since 3rd October, when I drank my husband’s coke … and BAAM!!! I got sick. At the first time I just have ‘sariawan’ in my tongue, then I got inflammation on my throat, then I feel so dizzy and cough. Already visited 2 doctors, still not full recovery, but now I’m on normal activity. So, wish me get well soon yaa :)

Okay, I will not tell you about sickness because I have more interesting story on Ruby Conference 2017 Jakarta. This was my second time I attended a conference, before that in July I also came for Geekcamp Conference in Jakarta too. Ruby Conference is 2 day event, 6th-7th October 2017 in Gojek Headquarter, Pasaraya Blok M, South Jakarta. This event was held by id_ruby community Jakarta and supported by some companies who use Ruby as well, like Gojek, Bukalapak, Midtrans, Cookpad etc. I don’t know how to get the ticket, my husband prepare all for me, so I just came and enjoy. My husband also one of committee on this event btw, but it’s not important hahaa.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-19 at 21.08.32
*[TRAILER] speakers and participants of Ruby Conference 2017 Jakarta, spot me where I am ? :p

My husband and I went early morning on Friday 6th October to Pasaraya Blok M from our boarding house by motorcycle. We arrived at registration venue around 8.30 am, but the registration still closed. So, I took a few walk around while waiting for registration to be opened, since my husband perform his duties to prepare registration of participants.

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